Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday--Living Room Edition

**Updated** So, I'm horrible and forgot to mention WHY I was showing pictures of my living room. Kelly at Kelly's Korner started this blog carnival! Every Friday she'll have a different room for everyone to share! Head on over to her blog to see the HUNDREDS of living rooms!! I've already gotten some new ideas :)

My wonderful hubbie (before we got married) and his dad completely rebuilt our entire house. The only thing that they didn't redo was the original framing of the house. My father in law bought the house for cheap cheap cheap and together they worked on it for about a year. It was completely gutted on the inside, right down to dirt floors! Here are some before and after pictures of our living room.

Hope you enjoyed looking in to my living room! I can't wait to see all of yours!


  1. Love the room, friend! Looks great! You should have put B in his jumper so we could all see his cutie patooty face =)

  2. What a transformation! How pretty!

  3. That is amazing! Can we hire him when we are finally ready to gut our attic?

  4. I love your living room! And your entire house's adorable!