Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't read if you have a weak tummy

For some reason on the days that I need to get out of the house some what sane...something always happens. This morning, while Brogan was napping and I was getting ready for the funeral, I overheard my dog making awful 'about to get sick' noises. Of course he was in my bedroom, on the carpet, getting ready to spew EVERYTHING! My mind was racing trying to figure out what to do before he got puppy puke on the carpet when up came everything he had eaten, including the cat poop he had eaten earlier this morning. To be quite honest, I had NEVER IN MY LIFE seen something so huge come out of a dog's mouth, let alone a small pug like Gus. Seriously, this was massive! It was a least as big as both my fists put together. His dog food had not digested yet so that was nice and so was the RANK smell of cat sh**! I desperately needed to finish getting ready but I was not about to leave this pile of God knows what on my carpet. So I grabbed 2 towels that I've had for years and don't care about to try to 'wipe' up this stuff (these towels have since been thrown in the trash thank you!). I had to take at least 8 breaks while cleaning this mess because I myself was about to spew. I tried to clean it with some water first because of course we don't have carpet cleaner (seriously, gotta get me some of that STAT). Finally, I couldn't mess with it anymore so I made sure it was at least picked up and somewhat clean and just put a towel over the spot where it was, lit some candles, opened the windows, turned on the ceiling fan, and sprayed some Febreeze air freshner. I finished getting ready and as I was trying to get myself all situated (all while Brogan had woken up and was screaming to be out of his crib), I came accross ANOTHER pile of puppy puke on the other side of our bed! SERIOUSLY GUS!!!! I cleaned that up quick and yet again, put another towel over top of it. I was able to get Brogan all ready and while we were getting things ready to leave, Gus started to get sick again. Seriously, have no idea what is wrong with this dog. This time it was, THANK GOD, on our kitchen floor right by the back door. I, again, cleaned it up quick and we were finally out the door.

By this time, I'm pretty sure I had sweated (if that's a word) off 5 lbs and all my makeup. My hubbie said he would get some carpet cleaner on his way home today so we could get the lovely spots taken care of, but oops! someone forgot. So, I'm sure here shortly, I'll make the lovely trip to Walmart and buy some Resolve. I really hope Gus isn't sick; that it was just something he ate outside and just made his tummy upset. He's acting fine now, so that's a good sign!


  1. Try nature's miracle. You can get it at petsmart. It is the best thing I have ever found for removing stains of any kind and it gets rid of the smell. We use it all the time.

  2. I wish you would have taken a picture of the puke..that would have really added to the story!