Friday, May 15, 2009

One CRAZY weekend

**Update (5/16) No jump! The wind was to strong so we'll have to reschedule AGAIN! As disappointed as I am, at least they're being caucious and he'll be safe! So instead of spending our morning in Osage City, Tommy's mowing the lawn (it's a freaking JUNGLE) and I'm putting together a shelving unit for the nursery. And my mom was still willing to keep Brogan AND our dog while we get all this done! Gramma's are great :)

Tomorrow my husband will jump out of a plane for fun. I'm excited for him because of how excited he is but on the other hand...I'm SO EXTREMELY NERVOUS! I think I'm just more nervous for him and how he'll feel in the plane right before he jumps, but a little part of me is nervous because crazy freak stuff happens ALL THE TIME!

So...if you'd be so kind, please keep my husband, Tommy, is your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning @ 9:30 a.m. :)

And...if everything goes smoothly tomorrow morning (which it will, I'm just being a worrier!) then we will join our good friends in seeing Dane Cook in KC! Great friends+Cheesecake Factory+Dane Cook/laughing my A** off = a WONDERFUL evening!

OH! One more thing (this was going to be just a 1-3 line post but I ramble...): Brogan is having his first over night away from home tomorrow night!! PRAY (more) for me and my sanity tomorrow night!!! Hopefully I will be overly distracted by all that's going on!

Have a great weekend and I'll be sure to post about our weekend events!


  1. Sounds like a busy day. I'll pray it's not too windy tomorrow, I paid for Aaron to go skydiving for his 21 bday since he doesn't drink, but it got pushed back almost a month bc of the wind/weather.
    I just say Dane cook on Oprah, he seems really funny, you'll have a great time.
    I know how you feel about leaving your baby, it is hard.


  2. Have fun, sounds exciting!!! ;)