Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Proud Momma

This year was my official First Mother's Day! It didn't start off the best though. I awoke Sunday morning with a pretty good headache so our plans of going to church were canceled. There was no way I would've been able to get myself and Brogan ready without feeling like complete crap! So...jammie Sunday it was! Tommy's mom got sick so his plans of making her lunch were canceled...and I was a little happy about it! Not that she was sick by any means, because no mom wants to be sick on Mother's Day, but I was happy that my husband was going to be home with us! We seriously lounged, napped, and played ALL day! It was nice. Brogan gave me a sweet card and was fussy most of the day :) I think some teeth might be starting to make an appearance!

Now, on the the title of my post: A Proud Momma. MY SON IS STARTING TO CRAWL!! Well, it's more like army crawling. Ya know, both arms pulling and one foot pushing. It's so stinkin' cute! Last week he finally started to get his knees under him then he does the rocking thing. He'll rock back and forth a couple times then he dives forward! Our pug Gus is not knowing what to think! Brogan is following me when I leave the living room and for some reason he also keeps heading for the front door. I think it's cause he knows that's how we get outside...and this kid LOVES being outside! This milestone in his little life came SO fast! I wasn't quite ready for it but I'm so proud of him! His little face just lights up when he's heading for something he wants! And he's so fast too! I can't imagine what my life will be like in a few weeks when he discovers how to actually crawl--hands and knees style! WATCH OUT!

Also, for any mom's that read this...I NEED ADVICE! Brogan will be 8 months old tomorrow and I'm having the HARDEST time getting him to sit up! He'll sit up (well more doubled over than anything) for a while then he'll topple to one side or the other and go straight to his back/tummy. Or he arches his back and wants to stand up! I know he's capable and that nothing is wrong. But man does it break my heart when I see all these other babys YOUNGER than him sitting just fine. I don't know if there is anything I can do differently to teach him or what! So...any advice you may have, let ME HAVE IT!

I guess I shouldn't worry to much about sitting. I know he'll do it on his own time. I mean, he's obviously catching on to things just fine! I know he's not 'stupid'; it's just a little frustrating. God only knows he'll start walking before he sits up! Hahaha...that'd be weird.


  1. My advice-
    I would sit with him on the floor, put him between your legs and give him something to lean against. Don't try to back away, let him work his way to balancing his self.
    You can out in a Baby Eisenstein video or something he likes and try to sit with him for 20 minutes.
    I also used a boppy to put around my kids and every time they fell I just propped them back up.
    Don't let it bother you too much. Taylynn was behind on crawling quite a bit, they always pick it up after a while.

  2. Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for the kind comment about my blog! You are your friend are too kind. I am so glad that you follow my journey in life and hope that you will continue to! I put you on my friend list so I can follow you too! Have a blessed day!!! ASHLEY