Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Very Own UFC Fighter

I think my son has more scrapes and bruises from this last week then Tyson had after a any fight! Teasing of course! But in all seriousness, Brogan is starting to really explore and is getting awfully brave. On Saturday, me and my sweet boy were rolling around on the hard wood floor (on top of a blanket but that doesn't do much does it?) and I might have been getting his tickle spot REALLY good and he was laughing so hard he smacked his head! (Owie #1) Then Monday Tommy picked Brogan up from my mom's and on the way home stopped by his (Tommy's) dad and step mom's house. They have the nicest black lab named Buddy who apparently wanted to love on Brogan while they were visiting. Brogan came home with a pretty good scratch REALLY REALLY close to the corner of his right eye. Buddy went to lift his paw and put it on Brogan's face and I guess his nail caught his skin and left a scratch. (Owie #2) I guess Brogan got a little upset but was fine soon after...thank goodness! I hate when that little boy gets hurt :(

Here comes the brave part of the story....Brogan is really starting to pull up on everything, not just to his knees but now to his feet. As excited as I am about him growing up, this makes me very nervous! I thought maybe we'd be OK with the pulling up phase--ya know, maybe it lasting a little while before other things happen. Well, tomorrow Brogan pulled himself up on a little kids picnic table at my mom's house and proceeded to climb on to the seat of it. After my mom called to inform me of this, I thought that would be the extent of his adventures. Not the case. When I came to pick him up yesterday evening, my parents told me how he got up on the seat again then climbed up on the top of the table and was trying to crawl over to their window seat (the table was up against the window seat making it very simple to get to). SERIOUSLY!?!? So if those last few days weren't enough...last night Brogan pulled himself up on Tommy's pant legs and was standing there waiting to be picked up. He was teetering forward and back when he finally lost enough balance and fell over smacking his chin on his toy bike. (Owie #3) my brave little climbing, dare devil of a son has a bruise on his forehead, a scratch on his eye, and a scrape on his chin. I know this is only the beginning but I'm NOT excited to see what comes next. And, please also note that I'm not one of those mom's that try to bubble wrap their baby so they don't get hurt...cause I'm not! I just really hate seeing him get hurt and any mother would :)

If my camera had charged batteries, I totally would post a pic of his sweet beat up face. Maybe I'll try to get that done tomorrow or Friday!

Have a good evening my readers!

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