Monday, June 1, 2009

A List of Wishes

Some things that I'm really wanting to do today...

* Get my nails done! I used to faithfully get my nails done and it was such great way to feel oober girly. Well since being married, I haven't really had the chance to go get this done. Life happened and so did the bills! Hopefully this summer I can get around to getting them done a couple times...if not acrylic, then just a mani would be great! Oh and maybe a pedicure too! God knows I need one HARD CORE!

* Go swimming (in a very private pool)! No one needs to see this momma in a swimming suit but I would very much love to take Mr. B swimming on this hot June day! He LOVES to be in the bathtub so I wouldn't doubt he'd LOVE swimming in a big pool! (If anyone knows where I can get a good floaty thing for him to sit in, please let me know!)

* Take Brogan to the KC zoo! He'd love every minute of would I ;)


* Spend some quality time as a family. Tommy's going to be very busy these next couple months so getting some family time in will be very important on the days he's home. I can't wait for Father's Day weekend! I'm taking some time off of work and we're hopefully going to go do some fun things as a fam!

* Go on vacation somewhere warm and beautiful!

* Hang out with my Amanda...I miss this friend a ton!!

* Clean the house with no distractions...weird, right? :)

This was a pretty pointless blog post but I just needed a break from work. There are days when I wish I was a stay at home mom but I also know that if that were to happen, I'd eventually go crazy! I love being able to work and get away from the house...maybe if I enjoyed my job a little but more, I wouldn't need to take a break to list things I'd rather be doing!

Anywho...for those of you not working, have a great sunny Monday!

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