Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Terrific Thursday

Well, we've had quite the busy Thursday! We (me and B-Man) started the day as we usually do on Thursday's--get up, lay around for a minute, get dressed, and head to Gramma Linda's! While Brogan was at my mom's, I went in to work, went tanning, and got back all in record time! We then met up with one of my best friends Nicole (or Nib as I call her) and her precious baby girl (aka Brogan's girlfriend) Kenadie. Brogan and I arrived at Nib's house a little early and hang out with Kenadie and her Gramma Sandy. As soon as Nib got home we loaded up the kiddos in my vehicle and headed to the house of one precious newborn baby boy, a hilarious 3 yr old little man, and a wonderful mommy, Sonja! Sonja is Nib's cousin by marriage and one of my good friends. She had little Walker Michael 2 weeks ago and I finally was able to make time to go visit! Oh and was he adorable!! It was so hard to believe that my sweet baby boy was ever that little...I always told myself I wouldn't forget how tiny he was, but it's hard to remember when they grow so fast! After we left Sonja and the boys, we headed to get some lunch. We picked it up and went back to Nib's to eat while the kiddos played some more. Since we didn't have a very healthy lunch (I'm ashamed to say we went to McDonald's) we went on a VERY long and beatiful walk! Nib has the best neighborhood to go walking in! I think it might become a Thursday activity for us! The walk wore us all out so after we left the girls, we ran one quick errand and headed home! Brogan is now, somewhat, taking a nap while I catch up on blogging, email, and laundry!

I hope you all got to enjoy this Terrific Thursday!

(Sorry for no cute pics from camera had run out of batteries before I even got to take a picture. Dannngggg it!)

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