Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Pretty Big Milestone

I just wanted to say...........


I'm so excited but yet a little sad. This means that he is FOR SURE growing up and will eventually leave me :( *Enough with your pitty party, Linds*

We thought for sure that this kid wouldn't get his first tooth till he reached kindergarten but I guess we were proven wrong. He didn't make a fuss over this new arrival so I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that his teething process won't be TOO terrible. But I'm not holding my breath! I haven't been able to see the little white wonder yet, as Brogan keeps putting his toungue in the way when I try to sneak a peak! Little stinker!

Also, Mr. B is starting to let go of things while standing more and more. We might have to admit me when this brave little boy starts walking; I'm for sure destined for a break down. :) Oh and he's starting to sorta wave 'Bye Bye'. At first we weren't sure if it was his sign for 'bye bye', 'commere' (that's come here but I say it in all one word), or 'give me'. But the more we say 'bye bye' or when he here's anything/one say it, he starts doing his oh-so-sweet hand gestures.

I guess I better start planning his graduation'll be here before I know it.

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  1. YAYAYAY!!! How special is that!!! So sweet!!! ;)