Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Brogan and myself have quite the schedule planned for this 4 day weekend! Tomorrow, I have a 9 AM job interview with Stormont Vail: Cotton O'Neill Clinic. Please, if you will, say a little prayer for me! If you've read in this blog before, I have been trying to 'leave' my job for awhile but nothing ever follows through. So...after I have a stressful morning, I'm getting my eyebrows waxed because WOW. Then, I am taking Brogan to the public pool for the first time along with my friend Nib and her precious baby girl, Miss Kenadie. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! I know he'll LOVE it but I'm just hoping he loves it enough to want to play for a little bit. Either way, it'll work out just fine! Tomorrow evening I am getting out of the house for a little girl time! My good girl friends from TCT (Topeka Civic Theatre) invited me to have an evening swim fest! I'm stoked! I always have so much fun when I'm with them and I'm ready for a night of laughter. Friday I think we might head over to my MIL's house to swim a little and then in the evening we're venturing over to my friend Molly's house for their annual 3rd of July party! I'm praying that I can get Brogan down for a later afternoon nap than usual so he'll be more apt to stay up later so we can enjoy at least an hour of the party! FINGERS CROSSED! THEN, Saturday is JULY FOURTH!!!!!!!!!! One of my very favorite holidays!!! And to top off a great day of fun in the sun, my brother, SIL, and niece from Chicago are coming to visit! I'm so very excited! I've only gotten to meet my niece, Avery, once and I loved every minute! She is 5 weeks younger than Brogan so I'm sure this visit will be a lot more interesting with both of them crawling around and getting in to everything. Again, I cannot wait! Sunday will be spent at my mom's getting in as much time with them as we can.

I just read through what I just typed and realized that I will have NO time to be lazy and stay in my jammies. Oh well! We're going to have a blast and I'm going to get a nice tan ;)

I hope you all have a fantastic 4th!! I'll be sure to take lots of cute pictures of Brogan in all his adventures!!


PS: I hope you all don't get the impression that Tommy won't be with us, cause he will!! Mostly on Saturday, since he does have work and rehearsal still. But non the less, he'll be here! :)

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  1. I just love your blog! I am trying to catch up because since I have had avery I have been so behind! Hope all is well! Glad all is well!