Monday, March 29, 2010


Our weekend was full of stuff like registering for baby stuff (NOT for me!!), a quick show rehearsal, dinner and a show at the theatre, costume fittings, birthday lunch, cleaning the house, swinging, and ending the weekend with lounging on the couch and early bedtimes--for all of us. The highlight of my week this week (besides Easter Sunday) is 3 DAYS OFF WORK!!!! And to top those 3 days off, the weather is supposed to be beautiful! I have my normal Thursday off work and our office is always closed on Good Friday. But this week, my mom needed Tuesday off from keeping Brogan and I couldn't find anyone to keep him, so this mama took a day off! I can't wait! Not only will we be outside playing and taking walks, but this girl is going to try to stay on top of the laundry this week! Normally, I save it for Thursdays (at least ever since rehearsals started) but the pile is so huge by then! What I'd give for a magic laundry genie....

Tonight is my early night off of work so I'm thinking we'll squeeze in a quick walk before dinner!

Oh! I just remembered something from this weekend! I had put Brogan in his crib to finish his gummy vitamin (he likes to share with the dog) and started picking up the toys in his room. While I was doing so, Brogan kept saying 'down, down' and I didn't think anything of it. I looked up to give my sweet, innocent boy a smile and the little sh** was half way over the top railing of his crib! What the (insert word here)!!!!!! How'd he do that?!?! This kid has crazy 'I should be the next world's strongest kid' toddler strength, let me tell you (as well as a monster tight lock jaw....I would know, or I guess my cheek would know). I made sure to let Tommy know that the times we decide to put an angry and in trouble Brogan in his bed, we can't leave him in there but like a minute cause he'll climb out! I just don't want him to bust his head open or crack his neck. I guess this is the life and stress of raising a dare devil!

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