Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bach Recap # who knows.

This recap will be in a different form than normal...I'm taking after a few of my fave bloggers and doing a list of my favorite moments.

We all got together at Miss Katie's house last night for our watch 'party'. There were so many things happening in this weeks episode, we paused the TV more than usual.

*Jake's first date was with Gia. Although she is very pretty, the girl sounds inebriated every time she talks! Oh my. Jake bought her a necklace; she wore it as a bracelet; it looked stupid.

*At dinner, Jake talked about how beautiful Gia was and she acted like she totally wasn't. Um, you're a SWIMSUIT MODEL!!!! Hello?!?!

*Gia totally had an overnight with Jake.

*Tenley is still a doll and they had a cute date. She didn't talk a whole lot of the ex but she still brought up the fact that she's been hurt in her last relationship...blah blah. She confessed her love for Jake at dinner and then he danced with her....cute cute cute!

*Tenley totally had an overnight with Jake.

*Vienna is gross. They played on a pirate ship (same from Pirates of the Carribean...luckies.) and he totally pushed her in to the shark invested waters. Ok, not really...but he did push her in, in a flirting manor. Vienna totally licked his nose, I guess as a way to flirt with him Sick. He did it back. SICK.

*Vienna wore a white teddy. DOUBLE, TRIPLE SICK.

*And with that being said, Vienna had an overnight. Vomit.

*Ali called and tried to pull an 'Ed'. Didn't work; Jake said no. (We were sad but it did seem quite desperate AND scripted)

*Gia went home. But she didn't make a big stink about it. She cried, yes, but she told Jake that he had 2 amazing women (gag me...he only has 1 in my eyes) that were perfect for him.

*The women tell all episode is next week and we can. not. wait. More Rozalyn drama!

*On the finale previews, Jake has a typical 'over the railing Bachelor moment' which leads us to believe, he chooses no one (we'd rather that than him end up with Vienna). And possibly goes back for Ali.

Till next rose ceremony ladies....!

(Head over to Molly's blog to see her recap!)

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