Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just stuff...

I'm slowly but surely working on my Bachelor recap from last night....slowly being the key word here.

I ordered Brogan's new car seat this morning! I ended up going with the Cowmooflauge (or however you would spell it) and I just know he'll love it! I can hear the 'moo' noises now!

My mother just called to inform me that my little mister has now learned to climb up on to her dining room chairs. Which eventually will lead to climbing on to the dining room table. Awesome. Good thing he doesn't ever play in our kitchen!

It's been snowing ALL. DAY. And when I say all day, I mean it.

I'm so proud of my oldest niece! She had her first (middle school) choir concert and she did great! I ended up staying for the rest of the concert (high school) and it brought back TONS of memories -- yes I was a choir AND show choir geek. They weren't as good as we were back in the day, naturally, but they were ok. :)

We are possibly getting a new morning massage therapist in our office. I'm sorta excited but kinda not -- she's blonde, pretty, skinny, and her name is Lindsey. What???? I made sure to tell my boss that she is going to be referred to as 'Lindsey' not 'Linds', since that is usually my nickname around the office. Hopefully if we do hire her, she's nice and fun to work with. If not, I might shove cheeseburgers down her throat till she's fat. Just sayin'.

Ok, last thing! We 'should' be getting our SUV back tomorrow!!!! Please pray we do! I miss it!

Now, I guess I should get back to work....ugh.

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