Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Car Seat!!

As I mentioned in this post, I was in a car accident. And as a result, we have to get a new car seat...a "fully paid for by my insurance" car seat! Silver lining folks!

So...I did a little browsing and these are my top 3 faves! I also found out that the ones I like are on sale at Target but the ad I sent the insurance company was from Babies R Us, that weren't on sale. So another plus is that we will have a little extra money from the insurance check! Which will most likely go to our gas tank...which is fine with me!

I can't wait to 1) get our vehicle back and 2) get Brogan's new car seat! It's the little things in life that make me happy folks!

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  1. Preston has the last one and unless they have changed it the middle material isn't soft like the sides. It is a rougher material. Still cute and he doesn't mind it, but when it is cold, the material is pretty cold.
    I LOVE the cow print! How fun is that!