Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bach Recap

As always, my girls and I got together to watch The Bachelor! We met over at Melisa's house this week and just had some take out...and of course vegged on candy till we felt sick!

This is gonna be a shorter Bach post than normal today!

**First one on one was with Tenley! She's definitely our favorite for Jake. They had a great time touring China Town in San Fran. They wrote their own fortunes for their fortune cookies and naturally, they both wrote the same thing...'Kiss Me'! Aaawwww.

**Next was a group date with Gia, Vienna Sausage (vomit), and Jake. They went to an old castle for awkward 3-way conversation and creepiness by Vienna. She made it known that she was going to try to get all of Jake's attention. Michelle might have met her match. This girl is Stage 6 Clinger -- Molly bumped it up last night from stage 5! Hehehe! Gia and Jake snuck away for a little alone time but not for long! Vienna was on the prowl around the castle trying to find them...of course she made a big, dramatic scene freaking out cause 'she was lost'. Girlfriend, there is a WHOLE CAMERA CREW behind you...you're not lost. Vienna snuck up to Jake's room later in the night and tried to seduce him. He said no and mentioned it wasn't fair to Gia that he was spending more time with Vienna.

**Corrie and Jake had a cute date with each other but I think she waited too long to fully open up to Jake. She did confess that she is a virgin and would not even live with a man before they are married, let alone sleep with him. I think this secretly disappointed Jake, as he didn't keep her around this time. Too bad; I was really starting to like her.

**Jake took Ali on a one on one around San Fran, her home town -- not as in 'grew up in' home town, but where she resides as of now. They had some serious convo about how Ali doesn't like Vienna and blah blah blah....you'd think Jake would get it after a while but whatev. They ran in to the ocean with their shoes on and we all couldn't believe she got her ever-so-cute boots wet. I guess it's what you do for love!

**Real quick on the Ali/Jake/Vienna subject. Does Jake not remember the whole Wes/Jillian situation??? Everyone, even himself (cue the scene from The Bachelorette when Jake flew back to tell Jill about Wes...), tried to warn Jillian that Wes was a douche and should go home.

**Vienna said some stupid thing about being her daddy's princess and now she'll be Jake's queen. Vom. IT.

**Jake said that Vienna was sexy. Again, I threw up in my mouth. Obviously, he's been drunk every time he's around her cause that's the only way she'd be remotely attractive.

**Like I said before, Jake sent Corrie packin' and we were SO made he kept Vienna Sausage. SERIOUSLY JAKE!?!?!

Next week is the home town dates and it looks mighty interesting! Vienna's dad says something about treating Vienna as the princess she is, Gia's mom is straight from Jersey Shore, and the other families seem normal. I can't wait to see the drama unfold when a girl leaves early! We all bet it's Gia...

Molly wrote a good recap also...go over to her blog and check it out!

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  1. Here's the deal... Jake doesn't have many GOOD choices. Vienna is a TRAIN WRECK, Ali is too concerned with Vienna to just worry about her own time with Jake, and Tenley hasn't even dated anyone since she got divorced. Can we say rebound?? I think Gia is the most normal of the bunch, which makes me sad because Ali was my fave until about 2 episodes ago when she would not chill out! Like seriously, I know Vienna is a trainwreck but that's ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT.

    Overall, I think Jake makes REAL questionable choices about women... but he's still hot!