Tuesday, February 2, 2010


**Update!** I ended up deciding TO audition! I called this morning and set up a time! So, if you don't mind, say a little prayer that my nerves calm down! I'm not having my heart set on any one part or even making the show, I just know I'll be extremely disappointed if I do not audition.

I guess I'm not so much torn as I am disappointed. In myself and just in general. One of our local community theatres is teaming up with our university, Washburn University, to do the musical RENT. I. Love. This. Show. Like, seriously!!! When I heard they were doing this show, I about died. How amazing would it be to do this show?!?! Tommy is definitely auditioning and I couldn't be more happy for him! I think he'd be amazing in this show and I so hope he gets a part. I have decided that I'm not auditioning. I've been asked by the director (or he asked Tommy) at WU and from the director at Helen Hocker (the theatre) if I'm auditioning. I hate saying no. But right now there is no way I'm ready to have us both possibly be in a show and have Brogan with a sitter all the time. It breaks my heart. But I have to tell myself (and I do know this) that it's just a show AND this is a time in Brogan's life that I won't ever get back. The weather will be getting nice soon, or at least I hope, and we can start playing outside in the evenings!

I know this feeling will go away soon enough...but then I know it'll creep back in again once I go see the show. I don't doubt that WU/Helen Hocker will do an amazing job; I just hate that I won't be a part of it (but I so so so hope my hubbie will be!).

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  1. The good thing is the show isn't going anywhere... there will be other times!

  2. Aw girl, keep your chin up! Keep smilin! HUGS!!!

  3. I know my kids are older, but you know I just went through something similar, since Jeff and I were cast in the same show. It was tough, but the way I looked at it was that this was not a long term situation. I also find that when I know my time with the kids is going to be limited, I make MUCH better use of the time I do have with them.
    Opportunities like this don't come around often either, so if you can I think it is important to take advantage of them, I know that line of thinking played a big part in our decision to audtion for the show we are doing now.
    Keeping up with your own interests will most certainly help you be the best wife/mommy you can be.
    I know Jeff and I have really enjoyed the extra time we have gotten to spend together over the past several weeks. Put some juice in the relationship.
    Anyway..best of luck to both you and Tommy! Can't wait to hear how it turns out for you.

  4. You will do amazing friend. Try to calm your nerves and be confident :) I'll definitely say a few prayers for ya! LOVE YOU!