Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Years

In 1 week from yesterday, I will have be 'with' Tommy for 10 years. TEN YEARS PEOPLE! That's a whole lotta years! I know it's cliche, but we had our first real date on Valentine's Day and it also happened to be my first real date EVER. I wasn't the girl guys looked at in high school, that's for sure! But I was lucky enough for Tommy to look at me! We've definitely had our rocky, drama filled moments but we are better because of it! I married my best friend and high school sweetheart. He's truly my Valentine....aaaawwwww!

For our Valentine celebration, we are going to TCT (a local community theatre -- we also participate in shows there) to see Late Night Laughing Matters, the improv group. We are good friends with several people in Laughing Matters and try to go to every LM performace (once every couple months). My mother in law is keeping Brogan over night so we can have time to ourselves! I can't wait! I'd like to do something fun ON Valentine's Day with Brogan but I'm not sure what yet. I'll definitely be making some goodies that day and I might even let my little Bean help me.

Here is a picture of me and Tommy from 'back in the day'. Again, I wasn't a looker so I do apologize!

Whoa. Braces AND glasses...America's Next Top Model!

I just thought he was SOOO hot (and still do, of course!)

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  1. Awwww! Congrats on 10 years. On Feb. 19 we're celebrating our 10 year mark too! Throw some kiddos in there and it has all gone by way too fast!

  2. So sweet! 10 years is quite an accomplishment!