Tuesday, March 9, 2010

18 Months

This precious boy....

...will be 18 months old on Saturday! This picture was taken by my mom this morning before I picked him up for his drs. appointment! He is just the most darling and handsome little boy ever! He looked just like his daddy this morning: both with their large-checkered shirts on!

On the way to his appointment, I had give Brogan a granola bar (still in the closed wrapper) to play with as I had forgot to grab a toy for him to mess with. As we were getting closer to the office, I turned around right as he was saying 'Bite, bite' with the OPENED granola bar in his hand and his 'D' (binkie) in the other. I immediately started cracking up! He was too adorable to get mad at. He's done this before, as you may remember, with a Hershey candy bar. Thank God he didn't get anything on his cute shirt! By the way, he had half of it downed by the time we got to the office, which was only about a 7 minute car ride. Little piggy!

He did pretty well at his appointment. He didn't have to get shots, thank God! Tommy couldn't be at this appointment and it was already a little difficult holding Brogan while our doctor checked his stats. Oh my! I can't even imagine what the shots would've been like! He's quite the strong little boy! Everything was right as it should be and Brogan is absolutely perfect...which I already knew :) He weighed in at 24 lbs, 14 oz (40%(, is 33 1/3 inches tall (85%), and has a head circ. of 19 inches (70%). Brogan is definitely his father's son: long and lean!

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  1. Too funny about the granola bar! He looks so cute in his shirt. Love it!