Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi, my name is Lindsey and I've been MIA if you haven't noticed. We started Rent rehearsals this week so that's been my evenings and work has kept me busy during the day...this and I've been trying to spend as much time off the computer and with my son since I'll be busy the next 2 months. I've realized how hard it is to work full time and be a mom but to throw another extra curricular activity in the mix really makes it interesting! I keep telling myself that it's ok that I'm doing something that I LOVE and that I don't get to do often.

Like I've mentioned before, I'd LOVE to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) but it's just not in our cards right now. Hopefully Tommy will graduate (the plan is for this anyway) in December 2011, he can find a good full time job, we can get out of our little house and in to something bigger and with more storage, and we can have another baby! And possibly I can either be a part time SAHM or possibly full fill my dream or staying home full time. One day at a time though. God has His plans. Even though sometimes (ALOT of times!) I don't want to be patient enough to wait. Silly God :)

This weekend is going to be laid back! The weather here in Topeka (aka Google...don't's some weird thing I don't understand and frankly, I'm over it)is supposed to be in the high 50's so that means we're spending some time outside!! Tomorrow morning, the Diva's are getting together for breakfast and pedi's! I've been looking forward to this for weeks!

To leave you on a good note, here's a couple pictures of my sweet (almost) 18 month old rockin' his tie shirt his Auntie Molly made for him! Adorable, you say? Oh, I know!

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  1. I was wondering what happened to ya! What a little cutie pie! Love that shirt! Good luck w/ Rent again, you're gonna be great! Hope y'all have a great weekend!