Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stinkin' Sore

Oh. My. Muscles.

I had a pretty good dance rehearsal last night and I'm pretty stinkin' sore today! We worked on 3 dances that I'm in and only 1 of them didn't require polls (which I haven't gotten to use yet) or being on my knees...remember, my character is in fact a stripper. I have some bruising on my knees which I know will only get worse. My arms are sore from doing God knows what on the floor. My legs are sore from doing, well, things my legs don't normally do. My tummy (or what's supposed to be 'abs') is sore from all the core movements. My feet hurt from the shoes I wore. My butt is a little sore but I'm not sure why.

All this complaining is for a good cause though folks. Once I get these dances down, it's going to be HOTT. And yes, HOTT with 2 T's! Not only will it be amazing on stage, but let's be honest. My marriage might get a little steamy...hehe! I've really enjoyed being able to spend time with Tommy away from home and doing what we both have a great passion for!

Now all I need is a little more confidence, better memorization skills (ever since being preggers with B, my memory has flown the coop!), and a rockin' body and we'll be set!

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  1. All that soreness is just progress! I'm sure you'll do great...and what a fun part to play!

  2. Your butt probably hurts because Sally made me stare at it so much. Seriously, I think she has a "living vicariously" issue.

    Seriously, though. You will do great. You ARE doing great. You have an amazing voice, and it is a real treat to sing with you.