Monday, March 15, 2010

Binkie Free (sorta)

This weekend I decided to 'break' Brogan of his binkie, or 'D' as he calls it. He did great! Saturday morning he woke up in a great mood so I took the 'D' and put it in a spot where he couldn't reach. After breakfast, he was in a terrible mood and asked for it several times, but I stuck to my guns and didn't give it to him. Instead, I changed the subject and tried to coax him with other things: toys, his sippie cup, The Backyardigans, etc. I, did, however give him his 'D' when it was nap time (and then later for bed). After nap, I took it back and told him we only need our 'D' for 'nigh nigh'. He seemed fine with that! Yesterday, he did great again! I figured we could stick with this routine and hopefully by his 2nd birthday, we can be rid of the 'D' for good! Of course, then we'll be dealing with potty training and getting rid of the 'bah bah' before bed! And to clear it up, we do not give Brogan a bottle anymore, he calls his 'bedtime sippy cup' his 'bah bah'.

(Sorry for the over used 'quote' marks in this post!)

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  1. OH NO! My day is coming to have to break AVE!!! YIKES! It's my life saver!