Friday, March 26, 2010

Dang it feels good to be a WILDCAT!

I was raised to be a K-State Wildcat and I do love my Cats! I don't get in to basketball as much but this year, the team has been pretty good! We did lose to our biggest rivals every time, but it wasn't a blow out and they were good games. However, we did get in to the NCAA tournament, made it to the Sweet 16, and last night had a NAIL BITING game against Xavier and won in double over time! So now, my KSU Wildcats are part of the Elite 8 and I couldn't be more proud! They haven't gotten this far for a while and I think they totally deserve this chance to represent our state of Kansas!

It definitely feels good to be a Wildcat today! And don't think I'm not sporting my Sweet 16 t-shirt and my cute new purple ring I got! EMAW (Every Man A Wildcat) baby!!

Ok, so I had my friend takes these pictures of me this morning! I LOVE my outfit but don't mind how nasty my hair/face look! I woke up late (REALLY LATE) and didn't bother taking a shower...but don't worry--I took one late enough yesterday evening that I'm still clean! And I was smiling WAY too big!

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