Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pink Eye...? Ugh.

Last night when I picked Brogan up from my parents, he was WIRED!! Non stop running around...until we left. He fell fast asleep on the 7 minute drive home and when I got him inside, his right eye was goopy and red. We cleaned it off with a warm wash cloth, fed him dinner, took a bath, got those jammies on, and put him to bed! Tommy thought he felt warm so we gave him a little baby Tylenol before he fell asleep. My sweet boy slept for 12 hours so he must have not been feeling well at all. We looked up pictures online of what pink eye can look like and we're pretty sure that's what he has. Tommy works at our pediatricians office so he was able to talk to the nurse first thing this morning. When I got Brogan up this morning his eye looked better but still a little red and swollen. He's also been coughing a little more today. Our wonderful nurse called some drops in for us so after morning nap, we're heating up the car (for at least 15 minutes before we get's COLDER THAN COLD in Topeka, KS today!) and heading to Walgreen's. Thank God they have a drive thru! I feel bad because on Thursday's, even though the office is closed, I go in and do some billing and today, I'm staying in with my boy! It's too cold for us to get out more than we have to and it's too cold to make my mom come over here. So I'm taking one for the team! Haha! Also, I really want to stay with Brogan. I mean, who doesn't want their mommy when they're sick?? I STILL do and I'm 26 years old.

Don't forget to read my post before this one about the diaper bag tote giveaway! They're adorable!

Stay warm wherever you are!!

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  1. Bless his little heart! I feel so bad for him! That is NO FUN!! ;(