Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday!

Well we woke up to a leak in our sons room this morning (due to an insane amount of snow/ice built up on our roof and apparently the plumber didn't do the vents correctly...or something)

I have a hickey on my neck. No lie. Sorry for TMI.

I have more folders on my desk then EVER before. Might be a slight exaggeration but whatev.

And I'm on my second LARGE cup of coffee this morning.

Welcome to my Monday.

But..............I do get to leave work an hour early today! Sadly, my mom is attending a funeral but that means she can't keep my mister till 4:30 like normal! I'm excited, however, to be able to go home and relax!

And tonight is the second episode of The Bachelor and once again, I'm getting together with some amazing girls to watch!

Before my Monday....

Saturday morning I met up with a great girlfriend of mine for coffee and breakfast at Panera. It was nice to catch up and enjoy each others company! After that, I ran a couple errands while baby free! I got some great deals at Target, for myself and a friends daughter who is turning 1 this weekend! I ran by Payless Shoes to see if I couldn't find a good deal and ended up getting a stinkin' cute hat that I've been wanting for a while! The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent playing with my boy and taking it easy! Saturday evening, I had made a date with a good friend from high school to go to dinner and a movie. We ate at Chili's -- delish -- and then headed to the movie theatre. We had a hard time finding a parking spot and ended up making our own all the way across the freaking world, ok just the parking lot! We froze our butts off walking all the way to the doors only to find out that the showing we were going to see was sold out. And it was the latest showing (at 8 pm, mind you). Really? REALLY?!? Did I just walk ALL THAT WAY for nothing?!? There weren't any other movies that we were dying to see so we thought we'd go check the $2 movie theatre to see what was playing there. We decided on 'Couples Retreat' and got our tickets. We wasted some time at Kohl's before the movie and I got some GREAT deals on a Christmas ornament for Brogan and a Dr. Seuss book with a matching stuffed animal thing all for $12! I was pretty proud of myself :) The movie was hilarious!! I can't wait to see it again!! Sunday was spent in my jammies ALL DAY...and I honestly will tell you I forgot to even brush my teeth until about 7:00 pm. By then, I just decided to wait till bedtime anyway. Judge if you will.

Alright, that's all I got for now. I'll be sure to recap our Bachelor events tomorrow!

Here's to Monday!

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