Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bach Recap # 4

We ventured to Molly's house last night to watch the Bachelor and eat tasty Thai food -- my first time! I loved it, by the way. I have to say, we LOVED last nights episode and the tiny bits of drama that always seems to happen.

The girls are officially moved out of the Bachelor house. They are all living on 2 really nice RV's which is kinda funny cause they are forced to be with each other. All the girls are seeming to get along with everyone except Vienna. She's crazy and she is NOT the one for Jake.

The first one on one was with Gia. Now, from the beginning she has not been my most fave. We all decided that her laugh...has got. to. go. For their date, they went to a winery, played hide and go seek in the fields (kinda weird but cute in the same way), and had s'mores and hot dogs by a fire pit. They did get cuddly and smooch a lot so we figured she was definitely getting her rose. She did. She stayed. Eh, could be worse I guess.

The group date included the rest of the girls, except Gia (obviously), Ella, and Kathryn. For the date, they all went dune buggy-ing (that's totally not a word) and sand surfing. Ali and Vienna Sausage had several things to say to each other, face to face and behind their backs. I love it but I do think that Ali is starting to get a little caddy and I just hope she is careful with how she acts. Anyway. Vienna and Jesse (? I don't remember) got their buggy stuck on top of a sand dune so of course our hero in shining armor saved the day. After all the sand adventures, they had a nice little picnic dinner in the sand and afterwards Jake asked if anyone would like to 'roll down the hills'. I was surprised when no one jumped up, except Corrie. Good for her! She needed some time with Jake to show him she's a good girl who should stick around. They looked like they had a blast rolling down the hill and being goofy. When all was said and done in the sand, they all had the pleasure of going to this beautiful mansion/hotel place to get all de-sanded and pretty. My favorite (but not really) part of that evening was when Jake asked Vienna to go have a one on one with him and she responded "I'd like to have the last one on one with you"...Um WHAT?!?! This is HIS show to find HIS wife not the other way around sista. (BTW: Here is one reason I don't like Vienna: she said in her confessional time when someone else had one on one with Jake that "I guess it's ok for her to have 30 seconds with Jake since he's going to be my husband" WHAT?!?! Weirdo. AND she called him her boyfriend at one point in the show...whatever lady. But she did fall on her face while playing in the sand and we LOVED that. Side note: Molly, Katie, Melisa, and myself are truly nice girls...we would NEVER treat anyone like the way we talk about these girls...promise!)

Jake had great one on ones with all the girls that night EXCEPT Ashleigh. Whoa. She was totally putting herself out there (and looked wasted) and Jake did not seemed impressed. He said himself he thought she looked amazing but he just didn't feel an attraction to her and he really wanted to. Ali and Jake had great conversation and I really think he's starting to fall for her. Tenley is a doll and Jake and her TOTALLY go together! They're both that 'nerdy, good kid' that you love! And Tenley is the girl who got the rose on this date!

Jake had the "2 girls, 1 rose" date with Ella and Kathryn. They had a very awkward dinner where Jake and Ella seemed to talk the most and Kathryn felt like the third wheel. There was even a point when Kathryn tried to pipe in and join the convo but she was immediately interrupted by Ella. Us girls felt so bad for her and WE even felt awkward. Jake had some time to talk to each girl privately and he seemed to have great convo with each girl. Ella and Kathryn were both VERY honest with Jake and seemed to put their foot down with some things that had been bothering them. We had a feeling both girls were going home, mostly since the outfit he was wearing was the same outfit he had on in the previews of him throwing the rose in the fire (which was cheesy and not that dramatic...good one ABC.) Well, we were right and he ended up sending both girls home. (Kathryn even pulled a Molly from the last Bachelor --with Jason -- and said "I think you're making a huge mistake". Whatever.)

During the last rose ceremony, Jake had a break down moment and had to get some advice from Chris Harrison, the host. He just didn't feel as if he should give out both of his last 2 roses (Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Corrie all had roses). He decided not to and only gave out one, to Vienna. We. Were. Pissed. Jesse and Ashleigh were sent home. Jesse did however get a few words in with Jake before the rose ceremony to tell him how she honestly felt about Vienna still being there. I'm just hoping Jake took that to heart and truly starts to see how Sausage Queen is. Ashleigh cried ALOT and told the camera that she was the only 'mature' girl there. Right. Keep telling yourself that.

Ali (who must LOVE yellow dresses cause she had yet another one on) was very upset after Vienna got her rose and kept saying things under her breath -- "Why is she still here?" "I can't believe he kept her" etc. She told Tenley that she was definitely going to stay but that she would talk to Jake about how this makes her feel. We'll see how that goes...hopefully good for Ali's sake.

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  1. Excellent recap AND... L.O.V.E the new blog design! Excellent chica!

  2. What a great recap... I feel the exact same way. I am really hoping Tenley is the ONE and I think she is. I like Ali, but the more she seems to worry about the other girls(Vienna) the more she seems bossy, which is kind of getting on my nerves. HELLO, this is his show, let him be the Boss. She should just sit back, look pretty and go along for the ride! lol