Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bach: Week 3

Molly, Melisa, and Katie all came to my house this week! We ordered pizza and breadsticks and watched our Jakeeee!

Wow. Draaaaaaaama! First off, Jake picked Vienna (VIENNA people!) for his one on one date. They went bungee jumping and Jake about ralphed all over himself. I'm sorry, and I do love him, but I need a guy who's going to be a MAN and let me dig my nails in to his arm waiting to jump, not the other way around. Vienna said some stupid things ("I'm on cloud Jake") and they kissed. Ick. Obviously, I'm not a fan.

Anywho. The group date was fun! They (I can't remember all the girls) got to perform at Jon Lovitz's comedy club. Corey was funny; she made fun of all the girls, mostly Vienna. Elizabeth was, in fact, a tease -- shocker, I know! Ashleigh freaked out and cried but then eventually was funny. And Michelle. Ugh. Crazy. But it got better!!!!

After the date, they all went back to a hotel lounge, or somewhere, and had drinks. And again, Michelle was CRAZY! She kept talking about how she came to get married -- like she hasn't told us all that a million times in the last 3 weeks -- and it was her turn to have babies and blah blah blah. One of the girls even said 'She needs a therapist, not a husband.' HAHAHAHA!! So true, honey! When Michelle finally got her one on one talk with Jake, she got a serious case of 'I'm gonna kill you if you don't love me' -idis. She asked him to kiss her to see if she felt anything. Ugh. Jake's face was FULL OF DISGUST at this point and it was obvious he wanted nothing more than to NOT kiss her. Finally, I think Jake saw her 'stage 5 clinger' (thanks Molly!) side and told her to go ahead and leave; no need for the rose ceremony. Then, THEN, she said something about how she couldn't believe it was happening like this. What?!?!? Oh wait! I forgot, she did say a couple times 'if you want me to stay'...then he said leave. I'm so glad she's finally gone but I will honestly miss her craziness a little.

Ella had a one on one also and she is fastly becoming a fave! They went to Sea World and Jake surprised her with Ethan, her son! Jake was great with Ethan and you could tell Ella adored every minute!

They never did show the part where Tenley talks about being preggers. We know she's not, at least at this point, since she was seen drinking. So, who knows!

Jake ended up sending Elizabeth home (aka tease) and some girl I never even knew.

Next week looks juicy and I can't wait to see who the 2 girls are he doesn't want to give roses too! I'm hoping one is Vienna!

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