Friday, January 22, 2010

Master Remodel!

I have been wanting to redecorate our master bedroom/bathroom since we moved in...3 1/2 years ago! The paint color we orignally chose was NOT what I thought once it got on the walls and we've never had an actual bedding 'set'. I think I have finally convinced my husband that we NEED to do something with this room. I want a bedroom that I WANT to be in and that is peaceful and romantic. All we really need to do is paint both our bedroom and bathroom and find new bedding; I've already gotten some things to decorate with. I found a bedding set I really like from Target and have (at least I think) a couple paint colors picked out.

Now, all I have to do is wait till after we file our taxes as Tommy wants to make sure we don't owe anything, by some weird chance. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg with this project, just enough to make a difference! Then I can gradually add things here and there. I couldn't be more excited to finally get the 'ok' to do this and to possibly have Tommy's help with this! (I am NOT a painter so God knows what would happen if I didn't have any help...yikes!)

We have so many things we want to do to our house and it just stinks that we can't do it all when we want to! But we are thankful we have a cute little house to live in! It just needs a more romanic master bed/bath! And a bigger laundry room...and more storage...and a basement. Okay, done. Sorry :)

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