Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Bach: Week 2

Last night my girlfriends Katie, Molly, and Melisa got together at Katie's to watch our boyfriend, Jake on The Bachelor! It was quite the interesting and drama filled episode, and it's only week 2! Before the show started we watched ET News and saw that it was in fact Rozlyn who f-ed up (pardon me!) and messed around with a 'staffer' (as Chris Harrison kept referring to him as). Honestly lady?? Then she kept rambling on and on about how this is going to effect her 7 year old son. Honey, you should've thought about that before going on this show and screwing a 'staffer'. Sorry. Moving on.

We were all SOOOOO relieved that she got sent home! She totally was there for the wrong reasons and you could tell by the way she was acting. Good riddens!

All of us girls LOVE Miss Ali and are certain she's the one for Jake! Their one on one date was adorable and she looked fantastic -- even if she did wear yellow for the second time :) We all decided that she's the most down to earth girl there and she's not one who has to be all gussied up the whole time. She didn't worry about her hair being pulled up and then down. She's a good girl and I love her!

Another one of my faves stuck around this week, Elizabeth! She is absolutely gorgeous! In the season recap from last week, I remember them saying that someone comes out as still being a virgin. We believe this might be Elizabeth! The way she acted about Jake kissing her sorta tipped it off. But I'm glad he respected her boundaries...such a gentleman!

Tenley is adorable as always and even though he didn't seem to get a whole lot of time with her, she still got a rose! Keep up the cuteness sista!

Now, let's move on the Crazy Town aka Michelle. Yes, I love drama and she's definitely full of that, but come on ABC! Let Jake let her go! She's obviously only here for ratings. The girl has some seriously issues. The fact that she packed her bags even before she had a chance to talk to Jake is ridiculous! She needs to be admitted, ASAP! Hopefully only one more week of her drama and then we can say 'BYE BYE CRAZY!'!

Ok, so there's my short recap. We had a great night of giggling and making jokes! It's always nice to let our hair down, lounge in jammies, and be gossiping junior high girls for a night!

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Jake's blog on People.com: http://tvwatch.people.com/2010/01/12/jakes-bachelor-blog-being-cheated-on-sucks/)

Also, I'm SOOOOO excited Grey's starts back this week! I've been having McSteamy withdrawls!


  1. You ROCKED the recap again chica! Thanks for linking up to mine, I'm gonna edit mine to link up to yours as well :)

    Can't wait til next week. I'm totally living for Monday nights now!

  2. you are HILARIOUS!! again....i totally agree with you girls!! great rap up once again!!