Wednesday, January 6, 2010


**I dropped Gus off this morning at the vet for his nail trimming. I really hope it all goes well and he's back to normal by the time I get off work! I know it's not a big procedure but he's still being put to sleep so of course I'm going to be a tad worried. Silly mama :)

**When I got home last night there was a toasty fire in our wood burning stove! I was SO excited! We have only burned once this year and we never did put anything over our huge wood pile to keep it from getting wet. Last night, Tommy had gotten some pieces out from in the middle that were dry enough to burn. Thank God! We did, however, have a little issue with the stove though. Tommy had forgotten to take off my 2 picture frames, candle, and stick lighter off the top of the stove before burning. We were in the kitchen and hurt a very loud 'POP!' noise and hurried in. There didn't seem to be anything 'wrong' just by glancing around the room, until we looked closer at the stove. The lighter had burst! There were pieces EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness none of us were close enough to get hurt! My candle was melted from the bottom up, only about 2 inches, the topper to my candle was laying face down (so the seal was on the stove) and it had melted to the stove, and one of my picture frames started to melt on the bottom. Like I said, thank God no one was hurt and nothing was damaged. Except the lighter :)

**We've been brushing Brogan's teeth for a while now but since his last appointment we've been letting him brush all by himself. Sorta. He's such a wiggle worm when we change his diaper or try to change his clothes so I usually trick him in to brushing his teeth to give me a little time. He LOVES it!! Here is a picture of him from Christmas morning, not wanting to give up his tooth brush! He asks for it all the time!

**I've been OBSESSED with a new lotion the last week and a half! I got it in my stocking from Tommy's dad and step mom. It's AMAZING! A little thick so you don't need a whole lot but man does it make your dry skin vanish in a heartbeat!

**The other morning, I went to check on Brogan while he was playing in his room and found this:

(Sorry the quality is crappy; I took it with my phone)

He was playing with one little toy that must have been at the bottom of his toy bin! I just thought it was so cute!

**And here is a photo of Brogan and his Auntie Bethany! I took this the other day when she was at our house. I edited it a little and sent it to Bethany and she LOVED it! He tends to cling to all my good friends and I just love how they cling to him! I'm very lucky :)

**I just got a phone call from Gus' vet! He did great and can be picked up after 1:30!

Ok, now I guess I better get back to work. Boo. I'd rather be home, on the couch, under a huge quilt, reading a good book...or watching my DVR'd Intervention!

Happy Wednesday!

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