Monday, January 4, 2010

Gus' Much Needed 'Spa' Day

This sweet faced boy... going to have a pedicure done on Wednesday! But it's not the floofy, relaxing, spa day he might want it to be. Since having Brogan, we've sorta neglected Gus in the grooming area. His poor nails have gotten so long that when we do get them trimmed, it's hardly doing much. So after much thought and talk with his vet, we're having him sedated so they can cut his nails short again. Basically, we're starting over! And this time, we've vowed to keep better care of them! I hate to think that he'll be under for a bit and I hate that he'll most likely be sore afterwards, but I'd rather him uncomfortable for a day or two then to keep having long nails that make it hard to run, walk, etc. He's definitely my baby (next to Brogan) and as if he doesn't get spoiled enough, he will the next few days! On the couch snuggling every night, a new toy, bone, treats, whatever he wants!

Our sweet lazy boy will be back to his sun bathing in no time!

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