Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

So my weekend plans didn't exactly turn out how I planned but it was still a great weekend! Friday night, as I said in my previous post, Tommy had to work late so I ate pizza at my parents and then came home, put Brogan to bed, and watched a super cute girly movie with my PREGNANT sister (WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOO!!! That was my surprise I couldn't say. I don't know if I can say yet but I figured anyone that she hasn't told yet won't read my blog...but I'm still not making the 'announcement' on FB so sssshhhhh.....haha!) Anyway, we rented 'New In Town' and loved it! It was funny, romantic, and of course had yummy eye candy! Saturday, my plans definitely changed. I was supposed to go with one of my bestest girlfriends to try on/pick out bridesmaids dresses but she forgot to make an actual appointment at David's Bridal. I was totally bummed because I was so excited to see her and to try on fun, girly dresses! But she's going to make an appointment soon so we can get on the ball with these dresses! What was nice about not having to go dress shopping was the fact that I got to lounge in my jammies with my boys till around 5 when I HAD to shower! One of my best friends from high school, Nib or Nichole -- whichever -- had her daughter's (Kenadie Lee) first birthday party in the evening. I was so bummed because I had forgotten to grab my camera. Nib had her house decorated with pink, pink, pink! She had Kenadie's scrapbookS (I capitalize the 's' because Nib had so many pictures and fun stuff to put in Kenadie's scrapbook that she needed more than one. And this was just for K's first YEAR!) laying out so everyone could see them. Let me tell ya, these books were AMAZING! I am totally jealous and have hired Nib to teach me how to scrapbook like she does! We didn't stay for too long because it was getting time for Brogan to get to bed. After we got home and B to bed, I got my jammies on, face washed, and crashed on the couch! I was soooo tired for some reason. Today, Sunday, I ran around with my sister again. She is going to Hawaii this week and wanted to get a mani/pedi. I didn't get one buy man on man did it look so great! I got a spa gift certificate from Tommy for Christmas and today definitely made me realize I need to use it! We did a little shopping around the mall and Target then made it back to my parents to eat ribs for dinner! YUMMO! After dinner, I took Brogan over to my mother in laws for the night since she is watching him tomorrow. Tommy had to be in KC till late tonight and I figured if I could have the house all to myself, I was going to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! And I did just that! I just got done about 40 minutes ago and I'm tuckered out! I think I'm going to get a tiny snack and go lay in bed and watch TV till I call asleep!

There's just something about a clean and picked up house that just makes you feel great! But, I'm still ready for a new house. :)

Happy sleeps!

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