Monday, January 18, 2010

Bachelor Night

Tonight is our Bachelor night and we're watching at my house! Hence, the cleaning frenzy I went on last night! We are going to get cheap pizza and pop and enjoy our Jakie poo!

My heart is a little sad this morning because I didn't get to see my Bean and hardly saw my hubbie. I called my MIL to see how my boy was doing and I could hear him having a blast! She said she was getting ready to give him a bath (he rubbed mashed banana in his hair late yesterday afternoon...nice.) and he was going nuts! He LOVES taking a bath and if you mention the word, it's over; you HAVE to give him a bath that instant! She also said he woke up this morning asking for his mama and this is where I got a little teary eyed. He wasn't upset or mad that I wasn't there, he was just asking for me. I love that little boy to pieces and I cannot wait to see him when I get off work!

My bestest Molly hasn't seen Brogan for a while and I'm SO excited for her to see how's he grown! She hasn't even seen him walk yet so it'll be quite the treat for her! I'll be sure to have him give you lots of kisses, Moll -- you know he gives the best mouth and slobbery! Hehe!

Tomorrow, I'll be sure to post my recap of tonight's Bachelor. It's supposed to be juicy! The preview for tonight, shows Tenley telling Jake she's PREGGERS!!!!!!! W. T. F. I can't wait!

Have a great (foggy, if you're in Top City) Monday!

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  1. what? I must have missed that preview! I guess more drama tonight, its like the bar keeps getting raised.