Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

I don't really have any one specific thing to talk about but I felt like blogging. we go!

*My second 'stay at home mommy' day didn't start off the best. My sweet pug, Gus, had an un-authorized outing. I let him out to go potty like normal (keep in mind we don't have a fenced in yard) but after 10 or so minutes, I noticed I wasn't hearing little scratches at the back door wanting back in. So I went outside to look for him. I ended up walking around the house twice and never did see him. I went back inside, got Brogan up and dressed, and got him to play with some toys while I went out one more time. No luck. I called my mom almost in tears and told her I couldn't find Gus. She told me to get in the car and drive around since he probably couldn't have gotten far. I got Brogan and we left. My mom had also called my dad to have him come over and help me look. I went down the street behind ours and saw a lady outside. I asked her in she saw a gold pug and she said no. At this point, the tears started flowin'! She said she understood, as she herself had pugs. She said she'd keep an eye out for him. I finished driving around the neighborhood and met up with my dad at our house. He didn't find Gus either. By this point I had already had a hysterical break down and had called my friend Molly. She calmed me down a bit, bless her heart. Dad and I decided to head out again; he went one way, I went the other. Something told me to go back towards where I had looked already and good thing I did cause the lady I had talked to earlier was waving her hands getting my attention! SHE FOUND HIM! That little shit (pardon me) was just sitting on a porch, minding his own business. I was so excited but don't think he hasn't been in his 'pen' since we got home. :) He's grounded.

*Vampire Diaries starts back up tonight and I'm SO excited! I do love the Vamp's!

*My son has been talking to himself for 35 minutes NOT taking his afternoon nap. Oy.

*I am NOT looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I have loved staying home with him. It breaks my heart that I won't be with him all day tomorrow. But at least Saturday is close!

*I got sweet deals on some picture frames (for my pregnancy pictures we had taken...over 2 years ago!) at Target today! Wahoo! Now, I just need to find somewhere to put these frames.

*Oprah is a rough one today. It's about addiction and people who have overcome theirs. Makes me so sad for these people and their families.

*I finally got my car washed today! It was getting awfully hard to see out the back window...

Alright, well there are my thoughts for today! I wish I had more exciting things to talk about but these will do.

TGIF -- tomorrow!

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