Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night we had our friends, Bethany and Taylor, over for pizza and a movie. We played with Brogan and after he went down for the night, we started our movie. B and Tay brought over 'Public Enemies' and the first 10 minutes was great! Then after that, I got cozy and fell asleep on the couch...naturally. That's what ALWAYS happens! I felt bad but they didn't mind.

Saturday morning and in to the afternoon was pretty lazy. Tommy was gone working on a side job till about noon or so. He brought me The Pad for lunch (greasy cheeseburger and fries...they are SOOOO good from there!) and I shared my fries with Brogan. He loved it! He even tried dipping his in ketchup! Adorable. At 4:30, I met up with one of my bestest friends, Amanda, and her other bridesmaids to find our dresses for her upcoming wedding (she's marrying my friend, boss' son, and coworker Jordan). We found an adorable dress (I tried to get a picture but David's Bridal website is being weird and won't let me copy the pic!) and it looked great on everyone! I even got a size I haven't worn in like, FOREVER!!! I was super pumped. Now let's hope I can keep this weight off till September!

After our dress shopping, some of us went to On The Boarder for dinner...and margaritas! It was delish!

This morning I ventured to Lawrence (about 25 min away) with Brogan to attend the church my boss and his family go to. It's a started church so right now they meet in a junior high school, a really really nice junior high school! Brogan had his first nursery experience and did great! My friend Amanda - the bride - works in the room Brogan was in so it was nice to have a familiar face for both Brogan and myself. I was so super nervous to have him in the nursery and to be going to church by myself. Tommy had to work at noon today and he would've been late had he gone with me. But, if I'm being honest, I think religion is one thing Tommy is struggling with right now. We've had one brief conversation about the topic and it kinda ended not so well so I've been putting off talking about it. I know that's a horrible thing to do with your spouse but when we discuss important things, I sometimes feel as if I'm not smart enough to defend my side or that it always ends in an argument. I'm hoping to go to this church again and invite Tommy to go with us. If he doesn't want to go, maybe me going enough by myself will help him see that he should go with me. I've never wanted to be the wife/mother who goes to church alone but if that's what it takes for Tommy to go with me, then I'll do it. Plus, I really want Brogan to grow up in a church, whichever church that might be.

Anywho...sorry for my vent session. The church service was great! Today was the kick off service and I'm so glad I decided to go today! The whole 'point' of this church is to make it comfortable for EVERYONE to be at church, even the people who don't 'like' church. The pastor is a laid back guy who doesn't preach, he talks to the congregation. Everything he talked about and said, I totally understood. The service was only an hour long and that included worship, sermon, offering, everything! I really felt I got a lot out of it today...which hasn't happened in a very long time. Like I said before, I felt very nervous going in alone but I never felt judged or like I got looked at funny for being alone. That's something I haven't felt in a long time at a church.

Oh, I guess I could tell you the name of the church! It's East Lake Church.

Right now, Tommy's still at work and Brogan is struggling to fall asleep! He's working on some bottom teeth and I really think he's been in some pain. Hopefully the little bit of Tylenol I gave him will kick in and he'll take a nice, long nap! He's had a busy morning :)


  1. I am glad that you found a church you like! It is a great feeling!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to encourage you with the church issue. I'll be praying that you and your husband find a fellowship that you both love and you can get involved! I'll also be praying for your husband's relationship with the Lord!